Starfield is arguably one of the most anticipated games since its announcement at E3 2018. New license from Bethesda studio, the game will be an RPG (role-playing game) that will take place in space. According to many rumors, the game could arrive at the end of the year exclusively on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC (although other sources suggest a release in 2022). The latest rumor concerns actor Tom Cruise who could be the big star of this highly anticipated game.

Tom Cruise in space in real life and in a video game?

Tom Cruise in real space and in a video game

© Lucas Jackson / Reuters

It is through the sub-Reddit “Gaming Leaks & Rumors” that three insiders (who have not yet really proven themselves) who announce that Tom Cruise would be the big star of Bethesda’s next game: Starfield. The insiders confirm that the information comes from reliable sources, but they back up their words with a tweet from Bethesda (which dates from 2018) where the American publisher directly asks the actor if he wants to participate in a future game. only that.

Hey @TomCruise, we’re big fans. We loved your performance in Oblivion and Fallout [Mission Impossible]. Want to get a head start on our next project? #Call us.

So, of course, this tweet is especially appealing since it dates back to a few weeks after the announcement of Starfield. Additionally, the universe of Oblivion (which takes place in space) is very similar to Bethesda’s upcoming game.

In recent weeks, Tom Cruise has hit the headlines as he will be the first actor to go aboard the ISS for a film shoot. Decidedly, space seems to stick to the skin of the American actor.

It wouldn’t be the first time that an actor has become the flagship of a video game. Last year, CD Projekt had allocated the services of Keanu Reeves who was the star of the CyberPunk 2077 game. Unfortunately, it was not a good operation given the many controversies that accompanied and marred the release of the title last December.