Last year, to celebrate 35 years of Super-Mario, Nintendo made it big. Between the announcement of many games, a new version of Mario Kart, many projects and the (staggered) opening of the Super Nintendo World park, the Kyoto firm has put the small dishes in the big ones to pay tribute to its mustached plumber and seduce the fans. In 2021, the party continues with the arrival in a few days of Super Mario 3D Worlds + Bowser’s Fury as well as the new Nintendo Switch in Collector’s Edition.

Among the many events, it was also the arrival of Mario in LEGO with many sets which were all a real success. This year, it’s a blue hedgehog who could come to compete in the world of bricks since it’s official, a LEGO Sonic set is in preparation!

Sonic The LEGO

Sonic SEGA 1990

Since 2008, LEGO has been offering its fans the opportunity to create and vote for the company’s next creations using the LEGO Ideas platform. The concept is simple, fans of small bricks offer their concepts which are then published on the “Ideas” site. It’s the turn of other fans to vote for the best creations and ideas that they would like to see hit the market in the months and years to come.

For a project to have the chance to see the light of day, it must collect more than 10,000 likes from Internet users. And this is precisely what the creation “Green Hill Zone” by Viv Grannell, a young 24-year-old British enthusiast, has just achieved. The project is therefore officially selected by LEGO to soon enter the development phase and then be marketed worldwide. For the moment, no date is announced for the release of the set.

I’ve been interested in the world of Sonic since I was almost born, and it fits the LEGO system so well that I spent almost a year garnering enough support to make it all happen. To have 10,000 people validating my idea is already impressive even with the help of my friends and family, but seeing it being selected to go into production is the most exciting secret I have ever had to keep. !

Viv Grannell, press release.