A subscription (also) for Animal Crossing

A few weeks ago now, Nintendo has launched its latest mobile game, Mario Kart Tour. An adaptation obviously very (very) expected by players around the world, and although a little disappointing, the title has nevertheless exploded the download counters, rising (very largely) to the first place of mobile games made in Nintendo.

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A Mario Kart Tour also disappointing in terms of its business model, with a free download of course, but many purchases in-app very (too) largely put forward, not to mention the possibility of subscribing to a monthly subscription (fee), the Gold Pass, to take advantage of more features.

Admittedly, the economic model used with Super Mario Run had been a failure for Nintendo, but difficult for players to enjoy a game with serenity of a profusion of ads on the screen …

Two subscriptions for Animal Crossing

Nevertheless, on the side of Nintendo, we seem to be satisfied with this model, so much so that we decided to bring it to another mobile home game: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Already monetized via in-app purchases, the game will in turn host a subscription system, with two formulas to choose from.

According to Nintendo: " the first will allow you to choose a personal assistant from your favorite campers to help you with all kinds of tasks. The second will allow you to get exclusive lucky cakes and extra storage for your furniture and clothes through warehouses. "

Regarding tariffs, we can opt for the "Happy Assistant" formula, against 3.49 euros / month. The latter takes care in particular to recover the gifts of the player, and to maintain the garden. The most addicts can subscribe to the subscription "Cakes and Storage", proposed at 8.99 euros / month. The player then has access to a new special store, but also an XXL warehouse. Players who opt for both formulas (because yes, it is possible) will benefit in addition to a reduced manufacturing time, the latter from 24 hours to 30 minutes.

Remember, however, that since its launch in late 2017, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has brought more than $ 110 million to Nintendo. It is far, far away, Fire Emblem Heroes, which has in turn reported nearly 620 million dollars …