In recent weeks, the world has been facing a shortage of semiconductors. This particularly rare situation affects many sectors, but in particular the mobile telephony and the video game industry. About 6 months ago, Microsoft and Sony presented their next-gen consoles. Today, it’s still nearly impossible to get your hands on an Xbox Series X, let alone a PlayStation 5.

While the pandemic has significantly disrupted the plans of these two companies, this recent shortage of components essential to the assembly of consoles has not helped to balance supply and demand. Some rather pessimistic analysts believe that a significant stock of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 should not be available before 2022. Microsoft and Sony, are not the only ones in this sector to be confronted with difficulties related to the shortage of semi. -conductors.

Nintendo is preparing to face the shortage

Nintendo, another big name in the video game industry, has just made a disturbing announcement. Since March 2017, when Nintendo launched the Switch, a Japanese multinational has experienced phenomenal success and sells its consoles in full pallets. However, the shortage spares no one, and the situation seems to be complicated at Nintendo. In a recent interview with Japanese media outlet Nikkei, Shuntaro Furukawa, the company’s CEO, said some orders placed in the past few days may be difficult to fulfill.

During this interview, Shuntaro Furukawa was at first reassuring by explaining that his company was able to make substantial reserves of materials, which allows him to continue producing Switches, but the latter ends by mentioning the risks of shortage which increasingly threaten the Japanese firm. Shuntaro Furukawa does not hesitate to announce: “It’s hard to say how we will be able to handle the situation, but in some cases we may be unable to fulfill orders.”

A complex situation that Nintendo manages as well as possible. However, it now seems complicated for the company to present a Switch Pro as planned by the end of the year.