Launched in late 2018, the Fallout 76 game has accumulated a series of setbacks that have annoyed many Bethesda fans. The title just seemed to be lacking in finish and the repeated bugs did not help. The company had a hard time managing its communication but ended up apologizing.

More recently, it was the announcement of a premium service called Fallout First that set fire to the powders. This new offer offers private servers and benefits on the game in exchange for $ 100 a year. It's too much for David Chapman, from Indiana, who decided to act. Instead of complaining on social networks, he simply decided to create a parodic website to make fun of Bethesda. To go even further in the troll, he even managed to steal the domain name from the publisher's nose and beard. For connoisseurs, the site refers all those who have the idea to subscribe to Fallout First to the YouTube link Rick Astley's song "Never Gonna Give You Up."

To mediate between Bethesda and the players

Questioned by the BBC, he went back on his motivations: " I took action because of frustration with Bethesda and the current trend in the gaming industry. They said the players had asked for it – players never asked pay a subscription for features hidden behind a paywall He is indignant.

The idea is to challenge this commercial practice by reacting the community of players and thus to feed the debate. Its action is quite effective because users who search Fallout First often fall on his site and become aware of the problem.

David Chapman is now ready to give his domain name to Bethesda but he nevertheless has one condition: " I would like to meet Todd Howard [creator of Fallout Editor's note] and have a constructive discussion about Fallout First. I would like to be the mediator between Bethesda and the community of players. For the time being, Bethesda has not officially responded to this request but we can suspect that the company should not appreciate too much the approach of the young American.