Fortnite also on the Play Store!

We no longer present Fortnite, the game that attracts all the lusts, on consoles, on PC as on mobiles. If the game is available " normally »On consoles, via the digital stores of each machine, via Android, the game has been available since 2018 via the official website of its developer Epic Games.

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Epic Games had indeed made the decision to carefully avoid offering its game on the Android Play Store, to avoid having to suffer the drain of 30% of the income related to in-apps purchases operated by Google. In April 2020, Epic Games announces the availability of the same Fortnite on the official Play Store, which is still downloadable from the publisher’s website, however.

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Epic Games always back against Google

However, Epic Games clearly displays its disagreement with Google's policy regarding the applications offered through its Play Store.

" Google disadvantages downloadable software outside of Google Play through technical and commercial measures such as scary and repetitive security pop-ups for downloaded and updated software, restrictive agreements and transactions with manufacturers and carriers, relationships reports from Google that third-party software sources are classified as malware, and new efforts are underway to completely block software obtained outside the Google Play store"An Epic Games spokesperson said in a statement.

So it’s despite him that Epic Games decided to offer its Fortnite game on Google Play. The US publisher hopes, however, that Google will quickly revise its policies and business practices in the near future. " This is why we launched Fortnite for Android on the Google Play store. Explains Epic Games.