Alpine SUV Render © L'Argus

© The Argus

The A110 will soon find itself alongside a 100% electric SUV in Alpine dealerships. Its internal code: PZ110. To grow, the brand must expand its reach and attack other markets.

Patrick Marinoff, director of the brand, announced it a few weeks ago at The Argus : " There will be more Alpine models coming Without giving further details. The magazine has conducted the investigation and reveals that the brand is working on several electrified projects.

It’s always been part of the brand's DNA: an “Alpine” badged vehicle must have a hot temper. So when it comes to developing an SUV, the emphasis is on sportiness, and here the brand may opt for a coupe version for a more dynamic line.

Purists will not appreciate it, but unlike its German counterpart, Porsche, a few years ago, Alpine did not sell its soul to the devil by offering a large diesel SUV. In fact, the engine will be hybrid or 100% electric and the style probably just as sporty as that of the A110. The vehicle with code name PZ110 should be built around the Renault CMF-EV platform.

For motorization, Alpine should also dig into the Renault catalog in order to reduce development costs and offer a high-performance vehicle at a contained price. Competition in this market is starting to intensify, especially with the arrival of many Chinese SUVs at very low prices compared to the proposals of European manufacturers.

Diversify to perpetuate the brand

For the Alpine brand to be a success and to be maintained over time, it is necessary to adopt the same strategy as other brands, like DS which bet the success of its launch on a product, the DS3 , before releasing new models (DS4, DS5 and DS7) and then declining them (DS3 Crossback).

Alpine plans to follow the same path a priori by working on the development of an electrified SUV which will not be marketed for three or four years. If, for the moment, it is not yet sure that the model is only offered in electric version, this energy will be well in the catalog.

Alpine can also take out of its boxes a re-styled version of the A110 as well as a convertible version, but these models can only last if the brand markets an SUV. The latter should be the most profitable product of the small manufacturer, ensuring him the means to continue to develop the " little girl From the berlinette.