Amazon fired five employees for stealing the equivalent of 500,000 euros from iPhone. The firm was alerted by weight differences between packages and customer orders and decided to install cameras in the warehouse. Result: the thieves changed the contents of the boxes with the new iPhones before sending them to each other.

Amazon warehouse package

Who steals an egg, steals an ox, the saying goes. This corresponds particularly well to the technique of these five (former) Amazon employees. Working in a logistics center in Madrid, they came up with a relatively simple scheme, but which paid off big. About 500,000 euros, according to the ongoing internal investigation.

The object of lust: the latest iPhone 12, ordered in large quantities on the platform since its release. The e-commerce giant was snapped up when a number of packages displayed weight errors, the latter not corresponding to that displayed by the command. Cameras were then hidden in the warehouse to clarify this matter. The accomplices were thus filmed in the process ofexchange order content at a low price by high-end smartphones.

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Amazon employees substituted iPhones from other orders

This is not the first time that Amazon has been the subject of scams, including a record number of fake reviews on its platform since the start of the pandemic. But this time, the scheme directly attacked the orders of its customers, since the thieves seized iPhones to be shipped to place them in their own packages. An accomplice was responsible for buying a product at a low price and then receiving the modified package.

The greed got the better of the five partners. They were in possession of IPhone 10 when they are arrested. 3 of them were in the process of leaving their posts, another was picked up at work and the last one surrendered himself to the local police. As the investigation has not yet been completed, it is possible that their scheme brought them more money than Amazon announced.