Xiaomi doesn't know how to be still And, not content to put dozens of mobile phones into circulation every year, it continues to enter all sectors that smell like technology. And even in many that have little to do, such as the fact that it has a line of backpacks or sneakers.

The next sector they want to break into is reading, and maybe Xiaomi's arrival is a more than justified reason for giants like Amazon, Rakuten Kobo or the people of Barnes & Noble to pay attention to the play, as Xiaomi goes launch your own ebook reader. And it will very soon.

Touch screen and possible "dumb" operating system


The announcement of its new reader has been made, like so many other products of the Chinese manufacturer, through the social network Weibo. In it an image of the reader has been hung, in the form of a drawing plus presentation poster, placing the media and users to wait for it next November 20. Something less than a week from today.

Nothing more is known about this e-book reader at this time, although seeing the design advertised by the brand we can be faced with an alternative to Amazon's Kindle, so may not have an intelligent operating system of the type of Android or similar. Assuming that it will be only and exclusively a book reader and not a tablet, it would be logical to arrive.

We found that there are no buttons in the design, so everything points to a touch screen in the style of the latest Amazon Kindle models from the first Paperwhite, so just wait to learn more details. And above all, to know if you will have a book store behind which you can access, the Amazon style for your Kindle, or if you will be able to load multiple books from sources such as Kobo book readers, Sony and the like. Remember, on November 20.

Via | Gizmochina