2020 should be the year of cloud gaming. If Sony had already been offering PlayStation Now for years, other similar services are coming in little by little. This week, Google has finally launched its platform Stadia and Microsoft is testing xCloud, whose launch is scheduled for next year.

Another company could soon join this new battlefield: Amazon. It's been months since some sources suggest that Amazon is developing a cloud gaming service and this week, this is corroborated by an article published by the Cnet site.

Quoting sources close to the case, the US media indicates that Amazon plans to launch its own cloud gaming service next year.

Moreover, the company does not hide its ambitions almost as job offers published by it suggest that it recruits engineers to develop this cloud gaming platform. "Game streaming" is even mentioned in one of these job offers, reports Cnet.

Amazon, another competitor for Google Stadia?

Although best known for its e-commerce offering, Amazon is also very interested in gaming. As a reminder, the company has bought the streaming site Twitch, very popular with communities of gamers. And if Amazon launches a cloud gaming platform, it could integrate it with Twitch, like Google that integrates Stadia and YouTube.

On the other hand, with Amazon Web Services, Amazon should have no difficulty in having the necessary infrastructure to offer services similar to Stadia or xCloud.

Finally, given that Amazon already offers a Netflix competitor and a Spotify competitor to its customers, the launch of a cloud gaming platform would allow the company to complete its offer.