The PlayStation 5 has been available since November 19. Finally, “available” is a big word. Whether online or in physical stores, very few brands can boast of having stock. And when it does, the stock is very tight and disappears within minutes.

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And as if the situation weren’t tense enough, Amazon has just opened an investigation into numerous reported thefts of PlayStation 5s. Risking your job or playing PlayStation 5, some have made their choice! Amazon suspects some of its employees of having replaced the contents of Sony packaging with products of similar weight.

Inconsistent and even non-existent packages.

Several customers have complained that they never received the PlayStation 5 they ordered. The situation is extremely complicated for Amazon (in this case) to manage, but for other resellers as well. Some customers have even received a message that the order has been delivered, without hearing from the package.

The American giant gave an interview to the BBC in which he apologizes to customers who are victims of this strategy. Amazon said: “Our goal is to make our customers happy, which was not the case for a small portion of these orders. We contact all customers who have had a problem and have notified us so that we can resolve it. Anyone who has had a problem with an order can contact our customer service team for assistance ”.

This step on the part of Amazon is interesting. However, how do you prove that you haven’t received your order? Anyone can pretend not to have been delivered in an attempt to get a second console. Either way, Amazon despite its power cannot do any magic, PS5 stocks are far too low to fill all the stolen orders. Case to be continued.