Amazon seems to have a crazy love for video games. After the purchase for nearly a billion dollars of Twitch, the most famous streaming platform in the field, the American launched Luna, a competitor service of Google Stadia.

Obviously, the American giant is not satisfied. Today, he announces the arrival of GameOn, a new video game streaming platform, just like Twitch. Its particularity: it only broadcasts mobile gaming sessions.

Amazon GameOn: stream your video games directly from your smartphone

In general, GameOn embeds more or less the same features as Twitch. Also, we can wonder about the interest of creating a second platform when Twitch could have embarked these functions exclusive to smartphones.

Anyway, mobile players will be able to share extracts from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. It is therefore much less than what Twitch offers.

Nevertheless, streamers can be satisfied with the integration of many customization features. They can, for example, add a comment area or display their reaction during their game session using the front camera of their smartphone.

Amazon offers a “Challenge” section to take up challenges between players. Specific to certain games and for a limited time, these challenges can be compiled into clips that can then be voted on.

The American giant also indicates that more than 1000 games will be supported by GameOn. Among them, great titles like PUBG Mobile, Angry Birds 2 or Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

For now, Amazon GameOn is not available only for Android smartphone users in USA. The company does not provide any indication of availability on iOS or possible deployment in other countries. At least for the moment.

Mobile gaming, an exploding market

Amazon’s interest in mobile gaming is not insignificant. According to a study by GamingScan, the mobile gaming market increased by 8% in 2018. It represented a turnover of 68.5 billion dollars, including 59.9 billion dollars on smartphones.

For publishers, mobile games have become a real cash machine. The freemium model (free game with in-app purchases) accounted for 40% of industry revenue. In the USA, Clash of clans and Fortnite were the most lucrative on iOS. For the latter, the recent disagreements with Apple may be a game-changer.

Since 2018, interest in video games has grown at breakneck speed. And services like Stadia, Luna or xCloud are attracting some interest. This is all the more true as the arrival of the next-gen Xbox Series and PS5 consoles (coupled with containment measures) further increase the craze around video games. As evidenced by the shortages of consoles from the pre-order phases.