Ad since September 24, Amazon Luna is very discreet around its news. The service is currently in beta phase in the United States and there are few opinions regarding this new cloud gaming platform. Amazon also does not communicate on the progress of the beta, nor on the possible dates for a launch outside the United States.

Intended to work on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Fire TV, this beta is only available on Fire TV and some Android smartphones since December. The service allows gamers to play a multitude of games through a 60FPS and 1080p subscription system. The objective will be to subsequently offer 4K. But for the moment ? Amazon Luna is lowering its targets!

Amazon Luna compatible in 720p

amazon Luna 720p

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Since its launch in September, Amazon Luna has only offered 1080p display to beta users. A rather modest resolution, requiring a connection with a bandwidth of 10GB / hour. But obviously, this posed a lot of concerns for American players who were struggling to take full advantage of the service. In front of the many returns, Amazon has just added an option to play in 720p. A connection with a bandwidth of 5 GB / hour will then be sufficient.

Since Luna launched Early Access, we’ve regularly heard from customers about what they value as well as areas where we can improve their experience. One of the most requested features is the ability to play at lower resolutions to match unique internet connection speeds and bandwidth demands.
Starting today, we’re enabling a new 720p option, allowing for reduced bandwidth and data usage by streaming at a lower resolution.

The option can be activated at any time from the settings. No other information in this press release. Amazon says the Luna team is working hard to improve service during this early access phase. Unfortunately, it is still unclear whether this beta will be rolled out internationally. Recently, we learned that the gaming branch of Amazon was not at its peak and that its CEO had recently abandoned the ship.