United States 2020, while a whole country holds its breath, here you are hired in a company which aims to elect Donald Trump or Joe Biden. This is the starting point ofElectioneering, a nugget launched in early access by the studio Cosmo’S Tuxedo.

In this turn-based strategy game, you will therefore have to make the right choices to hoist your candidate towards the White House. As often in such cases, information is the crux of the matter and it will first be necessary to collect data on the voters and their concerns, while investigating the tactics of the opposing camp.

Donald Trump’s impeachment and covid-19 on the menu

Disinformation, hacking, and highly targeted advertising are all weapons to achieve this. In this, Electioneering Sticks quite well to what has already happened in 2016 and which we have seen again this year. Despite these dark themes which insist a lot on the aspects of “dirty campaign”, the game remains pleasant, in particular by relying on characters drawn by hand and an atmosphere which relaxes the atmosphere somewhat.

We also appreciate to see that the current events discussed coincide with real facts. It is thus a question of the impeachment procedure targeting Donald Trump, of covid-19, or of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Of course, all is not perfect and many details remain to be worked out between now and the final launch. However, we can point out that the developers remain attentive to their community in order to develop the game in the right direction.

Note that there are other simulations concerning US policy. In The Political Process, for example, it is possible to run for office and then sit for positions ranging from school counselor to President of the United States.

Find Electioneering in early acess on Steam.