Between Sony and Epic Games, it seems like a great story for a few weeks. Last month, Sony Group Corporation invested $ 200 million in the Epic Games fundraiser. The idea was to encourage them to accelerate the creation of connected social experiences based on the concept of the “Metaverse” (a fictitious virtual world that took a large scale in the game Fortnite).

According to a confidential document, Epic Games would in turn offer the firm $ 200 million for the porting of 4 to 6 exclusives straight out of PlayStation Studios. But that’s not all ! The American giant would also be on the trail of Nintendo and Microsoft for other equally interesting deals!

Epic and PlayStation hand in hand


© Epic Games

It is once again through ResetEra that a document has leaked around several Epic Games plans. On this document, we can see that the publisher wants to offer a nice check for 200 million dollars for the port of four to six exclusives from PlayStation Studios (released therefore only on PS4 and / or PS5). This offer would be for the moment “awaiting a return” from PlayStation.

Microsoft and Nintendo – The Impossible Relationship?

Document Epic Games Store

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On the Microsoft side, it is a little more vague. Conversations would currently be open and according to internal feedback at Microsoft:

  • The PC Game Pass is the leading service in the market and the opposite of what Epic Games does
  • Microsoft is effectively bidding against Epic Games for their content
  • Phil (Spencer) has met Gabe (from Valve, the Epic Games contestants) several times

The task therefore does not seem very easy for Microsoft. But it gets worse with Nintendo! According to the document :

  • The conversations did not start; it’s kind of the goal of aiming for the moon.
  • The history of the company shows that it is lost in advance

Epic Games therefore wants to get closer to the three legendary manufacturers of video games, but obviously, it seems badly engaged with Microsoft and Nintendo. On the other hand, the relationship with Sony seems more peaceful and could therefore lead to something of interest for PC gamers!