A “State of PlayStation 5” in early June?

If Microsoft has already released a lot of information about its future Xbox Series X, on the side of Sony, it is the most absolute silence. If for some, this shows a real mastery, with a PS4 which still has a few cartridges in its bag, for others, it seems rather worrying … The fact remains that the Japanese giant should very soon come out of its silence, and finally reveal its PlayStation 5.

Indeed, according to Jeff Grubb, for VentureBeat, Sony will offer its fans a video meeting at the very beginning of June, aimed at giving news of the console itself, but also of the first PlayStation 5 games. We should notably discover a first glimpse of future titles stamped "PlayStation Studios", with also some games from third-party publishers.

Or a "PlayStation Meeting"?

Some evoke the date of June 4 for this event dedicated to the PlayStation 5, but it will obviously wait for an official confirmation from Sony to check the date on its calendar. A PlayStation event that should be widely followed (and commented on) by fans around the world.

As for Microsoft, we are going to offer a new meeting, the Xbox 20/20, around June 10. The goal this time will be to focus not on third-party games or home games, but on the Xbox Series X itself. It could also be an opportunity for Microsoft to formalize (or not) a second version of its console, the Xbox Series S.

Finally with regard to Nintendo, the Japanese firm manages the success of its Switch, without pressure. Big N recently formalized its new Paper Mario: The Origami King via a simple press release and an old-fashioned presentation trailer. In all likelihood, there should be no new Nintendo Direct until the end of the summer.