It is arguably one of the most anticipated games in history (like GTA V in its day). Alas, since 2013 and the release of the last opus to date, Rockstar does not seem to decide to lift the veil on the famous GTA 6. Thus, we have to face every week countless rumors and other questionable assumptions to fuel the clicks and craziest theories around the next game from Rockstar Games.

Among all the rumors, there are very few which are interesting to analyze and which deserve attention. This is the case with the supposed release date of the title which could arrive in 2025 according to several well-informed sources.

GTA 6: Release scheduled for 2025?

After Jason Schreier’s statements last april, it’s the turn of leaker Tom Henderson to confirm the distant release date of GTA 6. Known in the Battlefield community, Henderson is renowned for having very reliable information. It was also he who had unveiled all the details around Battlefield 2042 a few hours before the confirmation of these.

For GTA 6, Tom Henderson states that the game’s release date (internally) would have been shifted to 2025. The goal behind this shift would be to relieve the development teams in order to avoid the periods of crunch that Rockstar is doing. has been pinned in the past.
According to Rockstar Mag ‘, a fansite officially recognized by Rockstar Games and generally well informed, this decision would be a choice of Take Two Interactive which has wanted to restore its image for a few years. The firm has made numerous changes within the ten Rockstar studios since the start of 2019 to improve working conditions.

This would therefore have the effect of upsetting the functioning of Rockstar and all the projects would thus have fallen behind. While waiting for the announcement and the release of GTA 6, fans will be able to wait with the reissue of GTA V on next-gen on November 11. Also according to Rockstar Mag ‘, a remaster of GTA Trilogy (GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas), a remake of Red Dead Redemption and a next-gen version of Red Dead Redemption II would be in preparation on the side of Rockstar, of which at least one project for the new Rockstar Dundee studio.