Even if many rumors announced it, Apple still surprised everyone by releasing its new iPhone SE in April, in full lockdown. And good news never comes alone, as the saying goes, another model might be coming very soon: the iPhone SE Plus.

After the awesome iPhone 11, its top-of-the-range model released in September 2019, Apple made the – winning – bet to offer a new version of its iPhone SE, which was successful in 2016.

The principle is simple: offer an iPhone at a reduced price (less than 500 euros), using a more compact chassis, and focusing on the essentials. The new iPhone SE therefore takes the design of the iPhone 8, with borders, the famous central button, or Touch ID to unlock the device. The phone also only benefits from a single photo sensor (12 Megapixels anyway), but reaches the same level of performance as the iPhone 11, thanks to the integration of the A13 Bionic chip, the most powerful on the market. . The iPhone SE, further proof that what’s most important is what’s inside. But if that were not enough, it is rumored, well, it is written above all, that the apple brand could soon offer another version of this new model: an iPhone SE Plus.

Rumors that have been coming back for several weeks already, from specialized sites. Some have also noticed that the iPhone 8 Plus had just been withdrawn from sale on the day of the release of the iPhone SE. Coincidence? Rest assured, the rumors about the existence of the iPhone SE Plus are based on other things. And fortunately. In March, a leak in a beta version of iOS showed that this new model was indeed currently under study. Better, Jon Prosser, a leaker which, for example, announced the precise date of presentation of the iPhone SE, continues to proclaim loud and clear (well, on Twitter) that the iPhone SE Plus will be released in 2020, and that its development has been delayed because of the COVID-19 crisis.

The iPhone SE Plus available before the iPhone 12?

What would be the difference between iPhone SE and iPhone SE Plus? Well, she’s a big one. Literally. The iPhone SE’s screen is only 4.7 inches in size, while scaling up to the size of that of the iPhone 8 Plus (again, the SE’s chassis is based on that of the 8), you’d get a new 5.5-inch screen. We can therefore expect to see a new, larger iPhone SE land in the coming weeks or months. Who knows, it might even happen before the iPhone 12 …

While waiting to see the arrival of his big little brother, the iPhone SE is already available (with an offer from 1 euro) on the SFR online store.

Sources: Consomac, O1.net