PlayStation wanted to come back in detail on the different games that have exploded the download counters on the PS Store. Indeed, the year 2020 has allowed digital video games to experience a new boom, and many players have appreciated (and still appreciated today) the fact of being able to buy and play their favorite games, without the less physical support.

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On the side of PlayStation (as at Xbox), the year 2020 allowed the firm to market two generations of consoles, namely the PS4, available since 2013, but also the new PS5. The new PlayStation has in fact been marketed since November 19 in France, but is still nowhere to be found in stores and on online sales sites …

Top 10 PS Store 2020 PS5

On PS5, in Europe, as in the United States, the top three for the most downloaded games via the PS Store are strictly identical. Call of Duty Black Ops takes first place, followed by Spider-Man Miles Morales and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The excellent Demon’s Souls occupies the fifth position on both counts, and we also note the presence of the very pleasant (but very confidential) Sackboy, Immortals Fenyx Rising or even WatchDogs Legion and FIFA 21.

Top 10 PS Store 2020 PS5

On PS4, the situation is somewhat different. Indeed, if in the United States, it is this same Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War which occupies the first place, in Europe, the game signed Activision occupies “only” the fifth position. The first place is trusted by FIFA 21, followed closely by FIFA 20, while the third place is occupied by… GTA V. In the United States, the game signed Rockstar Games is in second position.

Note that if Ghost of Tsushima and Final Fantasy VII Remake are in the American top 10, they are however absent from the European ranking. Obviously, the American top 10 is free from all FIFA, replaced by Madden NFL and NBA 2K licenses.