At Nintendo, augmented reality seems to be more and more popular. After Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, it’s the famous Animal Crossing’s turn to move to AR. Nintendo has just unveiled some new features for the free mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. This game lets you project your favorite characters into the real world. It is not you who land on your island, but rather your island that comes to you, with all of its inhabitants.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp provides two features based on augmented reality: AR Camera and AR Cabin. With AR Camera you can place a few inhabitants anywhere in your home, but you can also take selfies with them. AR Cabin allows you to superimpose doors of the game on doors of the house. Therefore, when you open it, you arrive in a room, but also elsewhere in the game. You can invite up to 8 characters in these spaces. What to have company during the confinement.

In addition to these modes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has new areas for you to explore. You can therefore personalize these spaces with furniture and other decorative items. On the occasion of the game’s release, Nintendo is offering a free trial month for the Furniture and Fashion Plan which normally costs € 8.99.

With the addition of these new options, Nintendo has angered some gamers on Twitter. Indeed, as the company clarified, “Some smartphones and other connected devices will no longer be compatible with the game”. Nintendo said the devices must run at least iOS 11 or Android 5.0 and newer.