After the immense success of Fortnite and the explosion of the video game industry, many studios have sought to ride this hype. Respawn Entertainment is one of them. On February 4, 2019, this studio created by the developers behind the world-famous Call of Duty franchise, presents Apex Legends. Immediately, success is there. Within a week of its release, the game counts more than 25 million players, to pass the 50 million player mark a month later.

This free-to-play has established itself as a real competitor to Fortnite, which also always manages to reinvent itself by managing to retain its followers and attract more and more new players. So far, Apex Legends is only available on PC, Xbox, and Play Station. For some time, rumors of a mobile version have been circulating, but for the moment Respawn Entertainment does not say more about it. However, if the mobile version does not seem quite relevant yet, the battle royale should make its debut on Nintendo Switch quickly.

See you in a few weeks

While season 8 has just started with its share of new features, the Apex Legends Twitter account takes the opportunity to announce the launch of the license on Switch on March 9.

For this arrival on a new platform, Respawn Entertainment called on Panic Button, a company that has proven itself in the ports of AAA video games to the Nintendo Switch. It is in particular Panic Button which made possible the arrival of Rocket League on Switch. Electronic Arts confirmed this information to a Japanese site specializing in the field of video games by sending them a detailed press release.