April 29 will be the International Dance Day. Like many special days, Apple is taking the opportunity to launch a new health challenge. As part of the latter, which will be done tomorrow, it will be necessary perform a dance exercise of at least 20 minutes, using the app Exercise of the Apple Watch.

Dance day health challenge badge

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If you succeed, then you get the matching badge, to see in the app Form on iPhone, section “Trophies”, but also to find in the form of stickers to use in Messages and FaceTime.

Dance day and health challenge

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To mark the occasion and highlight its Apple Fitness + service, still unavailable in France to this day, Apple will also broadcast new sport and dance workouts, from 20 to 30 minutes.

Apple regularly offers this type of Apple Watch challenge throughout the year, taking advantage of various and varied events that highlight sometimes ecology, sometimes women’s rights, or even heart health, not to mention the New Year, and many others.

Are you going to try to succeed in this new Apple Watch challenge tomorrow?

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