While the iPhone 11 is preparing to land in our pockets and against our ears, the manufacturer would have plans to release a low cost version of its flagship model next year.

Apple had already launched an entry-level model in 2016, with the iPhone SE. According to Nikkei Asian Review, the American firm could repeat the operation next spring, with a model about which we do not yet know much … Except that it would be equipped with a 4.7-inch LCD screen, and would have the same components as the iPhone 11 (with a 6.1-inch screen), whose presentation will undoubtedly take place on September 10 at Apple’s Keynote.

In search of the right price

The objective with such a more accessible model would be to regain a little share in emerging markets, and in particular in China, where Huawei has established itself as a sales leader. The previous “low cost” model released by the Apple brand had sold more than 40 million copies between 2016 and 2018. If we do not know more about the technical characteristics, we do not think that this iPhone at a reduced price will align with what the standard version of the iPhone 11 will offer, such as 4 GB of Ram or a dual 12 Mpx photo sensor. But it is not impossible. After all, the iPhone SE had the same specs as the iPhone 6s, but within the chassis of the iPhone 5s.

The main question remains: that of the price! No need to dream, it is not yet in 2020 that there will be an iPhone for less than 100 euros. Or 200. Or 300. No information has yet been released on the proposed tariff. But for comparison, the iPhone 6s cost between 749 euros (16 GB version) and 939 euros (128 GB) when it was released, when the SE was at 489 euros (16 GB) and 589 euros (64 GB). The iPhone 11 being announced at minimum 1,100 euros (the current price of iPhone XS), we can estimate that the starting cost of the next “low cost” iPhone will certainly not be below 500 euros. And could rather turn around the 600.

When is your birthday already?

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