Apple is rolling out the iOS 14.5 update for all iPhones that are capable of tapping into the 5G network. The new feature will begin rolling out to iPhone 12 users who will update to the latest iOS 14.5.

This new update will enable the latest generation iPhone 12 to access 5G network on both the e-SIM and physical SIM. Earlier, using two numbers on an iPhone 12 would lock the user into LTE service.

The iPhone XS Max and XR come were the first iPhones to feature the capability to run two numbers on a single device with separate work and personal lines.

Apple also has improved the iPhone 12’s ‘Smart Data Mode.” A hidden option in the ‘Cellular’ section of the ‘Settings’ menu that makes the phone automatically switch between 5G and LTE depending on which one has better service at the time. With iOS 14.5, it should provide better battery life and performance than before.

According to a report by MacRumors, T-Mobile’s standalone 5G network is accessible to iPhone users who download iOS 14.5. In the same menu as ‘Smart Data Mode’, ‘T-Mobile’ customers can now switch to a new, faster “5G Standalone” mode. Prior to this, ‘T-Mobile’ users couldn’t use 5G without also relying on LTE to some extent.

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