A new rating has just been revealed by DXOMark. Though mostly known for rating cameras, standalone or those built into smartphones, the company has more recently also evaluated display quality, audio quality and, now, battery.

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This new metric is currently restricted to 17 handsets, one of which is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It scores well, but doesn’t manage to gain first place, which goes to the Samsung Galaxy M51.

Apple’s phone comes in at a decent fourth place, scoring 78. That’s not a percentage or anything, just a combination of different elements in its testing.

Where it really excels is in battery efficiency, and here it earns a score that’s higher than the overall winner, the Galaxy M51. In terms of how efficiently it discharges, DXOMark says, “The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 116 points for discharge efficiency towers far above all others in our database thus far.”

DXOMark’s description in the phone’s battery review is “Excellent consumption manager”.

The rating also considers the battery’s autonomy, which measures performance when stationary, on-the-go and in specific calibrated use cases. In these terms, it finds, “The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max’s Autonomy score puts it into the upper half of devices tested so far (regardless of segment), and is better than the Autonomy scores for all other ultra-premium smartphones to date.” These include the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and Oppo Find X3 Pro, so at least Apple can say it’s beaten Oppo and Samsung as well as losing out to them.

And Apple may value comparisons to its premium phone rivals more—a good guide to which phone at the comparative price range will perform.

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DXOMark rates the battery life at 2 days 1 hour, which is more than I’ve ever got, but there we are, says that to reach 80% charging time takes 57 minutes, and full charging time is 2 hours 27 minutes.

The other phones which beat Apple’s for battery rating are the Wiko Power U30 and Oppo Find X3 Neo.

Incidentally, although Apple would doubtless have liked to be in top position rather than fourth, in terms of camera and audio, the iPhone 12 Pro Max beats its obvious rival, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. That includes both the Qualcomm- and Exynos-powered models.

DXOMark’s conclusions are interesting and are well worth checking out. Raw figures aren’t everything, however. As the company says of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, “While it has an average score for Charging, and an above-average score for Autonomy, it is the current score leader for Efficiency thus far (but as ever, numbers alone don’t quite tell the whole story).”

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