The rumors surrounding the next iPhone are more and more strange …

While the latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro have been out for almost three months now, everyone’s eyes are now on Apple’s next model, the supposedly iPhone 12. Rumors are rife and experts are rife. in predictions scramble to try to guess what will be the next smartphone of the Apple brand.

The crystal balls are therefore all out of their closet, including that of Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple expert analyst who announces that the global giant intends to remove the current charging port of its phone, called the Lightning port. But don’t let USB-C fans rejoice too quickly: it’s not to harmonize with the competition.

A completely wireless iPhone 12?

For Ming-Chi Kuo, there is no doubt: the brand’s traditional charging port that appeared with the iPhone 5 in 2013 should disappear and be replaced by … nothing at all! No more Lightning sockets, no more jacks, now everything should be wireless.

However, for the expert Apple analyst, this innovation should not hit the market before 2021. This therefore means that this wireless functionality would only be available for the iPhone 13.

Regarding the iPhone 12, Ming-Chi Kuo did not forget to deliver his few predictions that he had already made before: no less than five new models in 2020, including an iPhone SE 2. The years to come are therefore more than promising for Apple!

Sources: The Verge, 9to5Mac