Apple Car Concept

Apple has filed a series of 61 patents including one of them is likely to improve the management of blind spots on cars. This initiative, based in part on facial recognition, confirms the continuation of the "Titan project", which must provide the Apple brand with its own autonomous car.

Among his other patents filed by Apple, there is the idea of ​​using an iPhone as a car key.

Blind spots on his windshield

One of the patents is entitled " Systems for improving the exterior mirrors of a vehicle ". Its operation is quite simple: it consists of projecting on the windshield or on the windows of the vehicle the image of what is in the blind spots located on the sides of the car. Normally, the driver should turn his head to make sure there are no obstacles in these areas.

The system also involves facial recognition (as shown in the diagram below). A camera attached to the windshield films the driver's face and determines the direction in which he is looking. Depending on the situation, the mechanism is capable of deploying or retracting the exterior mirrors.

Although significantly different, the patent evokes the invention of Alaina Gassler, a 14-year-old girl who recently unveiled a solution to see through the amounts of a vehicle.

Apple Car Patent

An Apple Car between 2023 and 2025?

The Apple system would be suitable for both traditional driving and autonomous driving. The modification of exterior mirrors could a priori provide new sensors to the IA driving autonomous vehicles. This confirms the interest of Apple for the "Titan project", long remained uncertain. The CEO. Apple, Tim Cook, had indeed declared in 2017 that it was not on the agenda.

Rumors of a resumption of the project followed various announcements. Last year, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the Apple Car could be available between 2023 and 2025. In April, Apple said it was negotiating with suppliers of sensors for autonomous cars. Today, according to ReutersApple would have 1,200 people working on the "Titan Project".

Other patents recently filed by Apple also mention features for the automotive industry. A few days after our test of the embedded Apple CarPlay wizard, the manufacturer announces that it will be possible to start his vehicle with an iPhone or an Apple Watch.

Source: Digital Trends