If Apple is preparing new AirPods and even its first headphones, the Apple brand would consider no longer providing headphones with iPhones, for reasons that are as ecological as they are economic. The life of the Earpods would therefore hang on … by a thread.

Since the appearance of iPhones, and even before iPods, Apple products still come with wired headphones (with cable). Since 2001, it is therefore a bit of a tradition. Like the box of chocolate that Auntie Suzette gives you every Christmas to accompany her gift. It’s not the main thing, it’s a bonus, but if it weren’t for the chocolates, you would still be a little disappointed …

However, it is for this disappointment that we may have to prepare, because Apple is thinking about no longer providing headphones (renamed EarPods since 2012) with its next iPhone models. A decision that can make sense, the devices of the brand with the bitten apple being devoid of input jack from the iPhone 7. The idea would therefore be clearly to encourage people to focus on AirPods, especially since ‘Apple plans to expand its audio range in 2020, with the preparation of AirPods Lite, AirPods X, and AirPods Studio, the brand’s first headphones. Soon the end of an era?

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in a note published on the site 9to5Mac, Apple would not provide wired headphones with the next iPhone 12, which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2020. Sold separately at a price of 29 euros, the EarPods could see their price drop, to compensate, but their disappearance of the list of accessories supplied with iPhones would not particularly lower the price of them. The interest is therefore economic for Apple, but also ecological.

Apple AirPods let you listen to music from your iPhone wirelessly. © Apple

The AirPods that came with the iPhone 12?

The Cupertino company would indeed have noticed that iPhone users tend not to use their EarPods, or already have them, from previous models. No longer providing them with the next iPhone would thus avoid producing too much, and for nothing. This probable disappearance could however encourage Apple to provide AirPods with certain models of iPhone 12, for the high-end versions.

In any case, you will probably have to prepare to cut the cord … headphones.

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Sources: Numerama, Booska-P