Announced for the fall, the next update of the Apple brand’s operating system will be loaded with new features. Like the mysterious “App Clips” which could prove to be very practical when widgets will finally appear on the home screen …

This Monday, June 22, 2020 was THE big annual meeting for developers: the famous Apple WWDC. A virtual conference, for the first time in the history of the bitten apple brand, Coronavirus obliges, during which Tim Cook and his team presented the big news to come for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Because by the end of the year, their respective operating systems will be getting a makeover!

Among the many announcements made by the Cupertino company, we note for example that its next macOS Big Sur for its famous laptops plans in particular to give a new style and even more speed to its Safari browser. Or that watchOS 7, for the pretty connected watches to find on the SFR store, will (finally) offer sleep monitoring and (hold on) will make sure that you wash your hands long enough …

But above all, the object of all the attention during this WWDC20 was of course focused on the iOS thanks to which the precious iPhone, also available on the SFR store. Especially since this one is preparing it seems to know a small revolution. Its fourteenth version, which is already available in beta for developers while it will only be accessible in the fall for the general public, intends to make many changes on Apple smartphones. SFR News lists the main ones.

Smoother navigation on the home screen

Two things. The first is that the latter is equipped with “Widgets”, or small thumbnails that provide an overview of the applications on your iPhone without having to open them. You can organize them endlessly, however you like, so that you have quick access to the information you find most useful – and at different times of the day, depending on your activities. The second is the introduction on the last page of your home screen of an “App Library”, literally a virtual library that automatically arranges all your apps by categories. Finished slider from page to page, in desperate search of an accursed application which is “hidden” somewhere: you will now find them at a glance!

Applications accessible in “light” version

During its WWDC20, Apple in particular made some curious by speaking about a new feature called “App Clips”. This is because it, as its name suggests, wants you to benefit from certain apps (compatible, of course) only when you need it. In other words, you can for example rent a scooter or order your evening meal in a few seconds, without having to completely download the application in question but rather enjoying an extract which you can access using a specific code. Enough to preserve your storage space …

No more tasks interrupted by unwanted calls

Whether they come from your mobile line or from FaceTime, your calls in iOS 14 will no longer be displayed in full screen but discreetly on the top of it, just to give you time to finish a sentence in an email or still the last seconds of your Netflix series before picking up (or not). Not to mention that, another novelty, the “Picture in picture” mode presented this Monday by Apple should allow you to answer a video call – and even continue playing any video – while continuing to surf the web. another application. Convenient.

Conversations pinned to Messages

The application that is used to send free SMS (via the internet) from iPhone to iPhone will also be entitled to some changes, finally. First, Apple offers you with iOS 14 to pin your most important conversations in Messages, either to keep them at the top of your flow to have privileged access rather than losing them among all your exchanges. And if you too are part of groups that flood you with notifications, know that it will soon be much easier for you to follow the thread … Under the next operating system, the application will indeed allow you to specifically mention a contact person , and keep all the answers that concern him, in a corner of the conversation. No need to read everything to sort it out!

Route optimization in Maps

Apple’s mapping application gets updated, with even more emphasis on transportation green-friendly. Namely, first of all, the bicycle. If it could so far err somewhat as to the routes offered for cyclists, Plans will benefit from a marked improvement with the iOS 14 update. It will in fact now take into account not only the traffic on the roads, for offer quieter alternatives, but also the differences in height or the presence or not of steps on the path, so as not to take you by surprise! Other upgrade announced by Apple: the application will also offer routes designed specifically for electric vehicles, notably by displaying the charging stations accessible on the route.

Already available in beta for developers, iOS 14 will be unveiled to the general public in its final version in the fall. The good news is that this (beautiful) update won’t be just for the lucky owners of the latest iPhone. Far from there. Apple has indeed affirmed that it will be compatible with those which support the previous iOS 13, that is to say all models from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, through the two generations of iPhone SE. Enough to benefit a large public, indeed!

Source: Apple