Apple’s long-awaited Keynote officially presented the three iPhone 11 models, and other new features that will delight fans of the brand.

More beautiful, faster, cheaper

It is still one of the most anticipated events of the re-entry in the world of tech. Especially this year, with the announcement of a new iPhone model, which has given rise to many rumors in recent weeks. This time, that’s it, it’s official, the iPhone 11 is coming. And he’s not alone!

As we announced to you, its main innovation is to include two cameras at the back: one for the wide angle, and another for the ultra wide angle. Already very strong in video, the iPhone passes another milestone, with a very clean rendering thanks to 4K and integrated stabilization. And for the Pro and Pro Max versions, the brand has relied on the adage “never two without three”, by integrating an additional camera, which acts as a telephoto lens. The budding Steven Spielbergs will also appreciate the possibility of being able to edit videos easily, thanks to an integrated mode, so without having to go through a dedicated editor. Also note the night mode, which is activated automatically.

In terms of look, the new collection offers something for all tastes, with many colors, including six new: red, black, yellow, green, white, and purple. The Super Retina OLED display on Pro and Pro Max offers more brightness and lower power consumption, as well as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound compatibility. And finally, the most important: the price! Good surprise, the iPhone 11 is cheaper at launch than the XR, by 50 euros. The iPhone 11 is thus displayed on the Apple Store from 809 euros, the iPhone 11 Pro from 1159 euros and the Pro max from 1259 euros. The most expensive version is the Pro Max 512 GB at 1659 euros.

IPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come in deep green, space gray, silver and gold © Apple

Not on my watch

The iPad was also in the spotlight, with the presentation of a new seventh generation model. Made entirely of recycled aluminum, it incorporates iPadOS, the new version of Apple’s software. Compatible with the stylus, it also works with the Apple keyboard and will be offered with a one-year Apple + subscription. In terms of the screen, it will be 10.2 chips, and the advertised price is 329 dollars (around 290 euros).

New seventh-generation iPad arrives with more display area
The new seventh-generation iPad arrives with more display area © Apple

In terms of connected objects, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Serie 5, a new range of watches with a new screen. This one has the particularity of remaining on permanently, but an LPTO panel which reduces the refresh to one image per second. The autonomy of the object is announced 18 hours. And as a bonus gift, Apple has integrated a compass, the international emergency call function and a GPS, as well as Nike + and Hermes editions for fashion victims. The advertised price is $ 399.

Apple Watch Series 5 presents a new screen and new functions
The Apple Watch Series 5 presents a new screen and new functions © Apple

All these products will be available from September 20, 2019. It is on this same date that a new Apple Store will be opened in New York. If you are passing through the big apple, you may have to go and bite into the small …