Apple Watch Series 3 users may suffer from lack of internal storage space, especially when updating watchOS. Indeed, this watch model has only 8 GB of storage in GPS version) and 16 GB of storage in GPS + Cellular version. The latest models all have 32 GB (Apple Watch Series 5 and 6).

Thus, to install a new version of watchOS, with watches with 8 GB, or even sometimes with those with 16 GB of storage, the procedure may block, due to insufficient remaining space.

If until then the Californian firm advised to remove content from the watch to make room, now it indicates that it is better to outright unpair your iPhone watch to re-pair it, before updating watchOS.

To deactivate watch pairing, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Watch app on iPhone
  • Choose “All watches at the top left”
  • Press the little “i” on the right, then “Unpair Apple Watch”

Confirm the operation. The iPhone then performs a backup of the watch, which is useful in the event of a restore. Once the pairing is completely deactivated, the app offers to launch a pairing procedure. At this point, follow the steps displayed before starting the update of watchOS, if it has not already been done.

Find here the complete guide of Apple to turn off pairing for an Apple Watch.

Notice to Apple Watch Series 3 owners, have you managed to install the latest version of watchOS compatible (i.e. watchOS 7.5 at the time of publication of this article)?