This June, at its WWDC conference, Apple presented the new version of watchOS, its operating system for watches. And now, we are waiting for the arrival of Apple’s hardwares.

In the meantime, rumors are already circulating about them. And when it comes to watches, Bloomberg has just published an article discussing the improvements Apple could make on the Apple Watch Series 7 which will be released this year.

New design and new processor?

According to this article, the Apple Watch 7 would benefit from a new, more efficient processor. Apple would also test thinner bezels. And in addition, Apple could also equip the next Apple Watch with the same ultra-wideband technology as that of the AirTag tag.

For the moment, we do not know what this could be used for. But it’s worth noting that during its WWDC conference, Apple showed how the Apple Watch could be used to unlock doors. And ultra-wideband technology could be used by this feature.

No thermometer or blood glucose sensor?

Unfortunately, according to the Bloomberg article, some features that fans have come to expect from the Apple Watch 7 might not be coming this year. Indeed, according to the American media, Apple would have planned to equip its watches with thermometers. But ultimately, the sensor would only arrive on the 2022 models. As for the glucometer, which would allow the blood sugar level to be measured without having to take a blood sample, it would not arrive for several years.

Note also that currently, rumors are circulating about the development of a version of the Apple Watch for extreme sports (with better shock resistance). But according to Bloomberg, this ultra-resistant version would not arrive until 2022. Next year, Apple is also planning to release a successor to the Apple Watch SE.

But of course, at the moment, all this information is not official. And therefore, caution is always in order.

For its part, Google is banking on the acquisition of Fitbit and on a new partnership with Samsung

In any case, these rumors about the next Apple Watch (and those of 2022) are circulating at a time when the market for connected watches is becoming more and more competitive. In May, Google surprised at its I / O conference by announcing a partnership with Samsung.

In essence, these two competitors of Apple will combine the advantages of their platforms, Wear OS and Tizen, in order to offer a new, more efficient operating system that allows for more autonomy. Added to this is the fact that today, Google and its partners can also take advantage of technologies from Fitbit, a specialist in connected watches that Google bought for $ 2.1 billion. - Official app – Official app

By: Keleops AG