While he has already been able to predict Apple’s success over time, Neil Cybart has just shared a new article on his blog Above Avalon. He details several arguments which – according to him – position Apple with a “decade”Ahead of its competitors in terms of connected watches. Among the success factors of its wearables is a solid experience in design. Indeed, difficult to wear a device on the wrist if its aesthetics are not successful.

Another crucial point would be in fact on the side of the ecosystem carried by the various products of Cupertino. This is explained by the many features associated with each other, such as Handoff to continue reading content from your Watch to your Mac or AirPlay to quickly transfer files. Solutions, however, criticized by the Competition Authority, which sometimes considers them anti-competitive when third-party alternatives are harmed on the App Store.

Democratization rather than innovation

Cybart also believes that Apple entered the market quite early: “Apple was early“. However, this is seriously contradicted by analyzing the history of other brands, always the first to offer innovations to testers. The Moto 360 and its circular screen under Wear OS, for example, saw the light of day long before the tocante of Tim Cook, no offense to its designers. The same goes for fall detection, Smart Lock, the blood oxygen level sensor, full autonomy (without mobile) or even the always-on screen: all this existed long before on Android.

Where the Apple excels, on the other hand, it is indeed on the results. Thus, if watches from other manufacturers have often paved the way, it is Apple’s which conquered the crowds with a major keynote and sales by the millions even exceeding those of the Swiss.

New record in sight for 2021?

Anyway, everything suggests that the success of the Apple Watch will be confirmed in the coming months, especially with the arrival of the Series 7. Equipped with watchOS 8, it would adopt a completely new design. to the iPhone 12 and could also measure the level of glucose in the blood. It’s unclear when it will be formalized, but a conference in September seems to be the most likely timeframe.

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