Another prototype of the Apple Watch which is talked about. After already other blows of the kind to his credit, Giulio Zompetti has just shared new pictures of an Apple Watch prototype never marketed. It would be an anticipated version of the Series 3, released in September 2017 and still available from its manufacturer today for an even more affordable price than the following models.

On the case, a detail changes compared to the original. Indeed, on either side of the diagnostic port, there are two connectors never seen before. But what can they be used for? This is precisely the question that many Internet users ask themselves at the sight of these images. In fact, a first hypothesis could be hidden on the side of accessories for … iPad.

Patents in shambles

Indeed, Apple tablets are also equipped with proprietary shots relatively similar to those we can see in these photos. Logically called Smart Connector, these allow you to physically pair keyboards such as the Smart Keyboard and the Smart Keyboard Folio, or more recently the Magic Keyboard with white touchpad.

It is quite possible that Apple wanted to repeat the experience on Watch, in order to easily connect other devices to it. In addition, the firm has already filed numerous documents with the competent authorities to register the intellectual property of smart bracelets that would greatly benefit from such a solution. This concept can be cited in particular for measuring the user’s strength in real time.

Unlimited possibilities

If the Apple Watch Series 7 – expected at the end of September – saw the light of day with the Smart Connector, then third-party manufacturers could go out of their way to “improve” the already successful experience of the product. Cameras, sensors dedicated to health or remote control modules: there is no shortage of ideas, so much so that the modular tocante which still inspires many enthusiasts may not yet be buried.

The Apple Watch SE, which lacks certain advantages of its high-end cousin, would then become an alternative of choice for small budgets. They would thus have the chance to be able to design their ideal watch all the same, over the longer term.

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