The iPhone 13 line up will (hopefully) be announced in mere months, and – surprise, surprise – we’ve already seen a ton of leaks about Apple’s next smartphone. From incredible camera tech to a vastly improved display, we’ve heard all manner of rumours – and new reports suggest we’re in for a mega battery too.

A well-regarded Apple leaker has revealed that Apple is planning vastly improved battery capacities across the entire iPhone 13 line-up, with the highest reaching a whopping 4352mAh (the 12 Pro Max, for context, offers 3687mAh). Our best camera phones roundup features plenty of iPhones, but if there’s one thing that could improve them all, it’s better battery life.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 13’s battery could destroy that of the iPhone 12 (Image credit: Apple)

According to L0vetodream, the iPhone 13 Mini (2,406mAh), iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro (3,095mAh each) will both allegedly see gains of 8% and 10% respectively over their iPhone 12 counterparts. But the big news is that 4352mAh figure for the iPhone 13 Pro Max – representing an increase of 18%.