The leaks are confirmed around an increase in the storage capacity of some iPhone 13. New rumors confirm that the Pro and Pro Max models expected this year will benefit from a storage tier to 1 TB. However, it did not. not yet confirmed whether the 128 GB tier will be removed or whether Apple will choose to offer four storage options instead of just three.

apple iphone 12 pro performance test 1
Apple iPhone 12 Pro. Credit: PhonAndroid

Gradually, our storage needs are increasing. The definition of photo sensors now reaches 108 megapixels. So-called “RAW” file formats appear. The video capture goes up to 4K, even 8K since a few months. Video games are more and more greedy. Series and films, stored locally to be consumed offline in transport, are multiplying. Not to mention the increasingly complete operating systems.

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It all takes up space. Many places. High-end smartphones, where internal space is less and less expandable, therefore generally offer storage levels ranging from 256 GB to 512 GB. Few are still those which go up to 1 TB. We only know of them. a: the Galaxy S10 + 5G. And for good reason: the price of the flash memory module remains prohibitive.

Pro models of the iPhone 13 would benefit from 1TB of storage

However, Apple would have made the decision to offer this storage capacity with the iPhone 13. And more precisely with the Pro and Pro Max models. We already mentioned last October the possibility of an iPhone 13 Pro with 1TB of storage, following a leak from the YouTubeur Jon prosser on Twitter. And the leaker confirms again this week the rumor on his channel Front Page Tech (which you can see the episode in question at the end of the article).

The reason for this decision is simple: the arrival of 8K video capture with the next generation of iPhone will consume a lot of storage space. And users who are keen on video editing might feel cramped even with 512GB of free space. Of course we ask ourselves which tiers of storage Apple will choose to keep. Will the firm remove the 128 GB level, when it is the most accessible? Or the 256 GB level? We don’t think Apple will drop its iPhones into four storage tiers. But it’s not impossible either.