E-sport is a discipline that is becoming increasingly important. Until recently, Tencent announced a massive investment of $ 100 million. But, for its practitioners, with the exception of a few lucky ones, making a living from it can still pose serious difficulties. Above all, the example of Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto shows that, like a footballer or a handball player, their career can end very quickly due to an injury.

Eight-year Call of Duty pro player

This Italian was playing online under the nickname “ZooMaa”. Professional for eight years on the famous first-person shooter, however, he has just announced, at the age of 25, that he was forced to retire and put an end to esports. This is clearly not a decision made out of heart. But, the one who thanked his fans for this “incredible adventure” didn’t really have a choice.

Indeed, the one who played for the New York Subliners, is simply the victim of an old thumb injury that has recurred. In the past, because of this injury, he had already been forced to undergo surgery. But that was obviously not enough. Continuing to want to play against the best Call of Duty professionals in the world would therefore be a challenge at the moment, especially when he also suffers from the wrist. Good news, however, for this Call of Duty enthusiast. He has already announced that he will try to stay engaged in esports, although it is not yet clear what form that will take.

At the end of 2020, as always for 14 years, Activision released a new iteration of its famous game. This year, the latest was named Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. You can discover our exclusive test by clicking on this link!