It’s a fact that new generation consoles, as powerful as they are, are also very bulky. This goes for the Xbox Series X, with a relatively small footprint but a console that is difficult to install in a TV cabinet, but also (and above all!) For the PS5, the most imposing of the home consoles.

Nëxt generåtiøn consöles

Also, in addition to the difficulty for some players to get their hands on the consoles in question, out of stock since their launch, we must also take into account the place that the future console will occupy. On the IKEA side, we decided to take the issue very seriously.

In fact, the famous brand now offers models of Xbox Series X and PS5 in some stores, on which the exact dimensions of the consoles are displayed. The goal here is to allow buyers of a TV cabinet to immediately know if it will be able to accommodate the console from Microsoft and / or that of Sony. The latter can indeed position the model on / in his cabinet, to immediately view the result. Smart!

IKEA is amused by the situation by writing the following statement on the models: “What IKEA furniture will be able to accommodate my new, gigantic, game console?”A legitimate question to say the least, as some players are struggling to find the right place for their new console, the latter needing a minimum of space to not overheat.

Remember that the Xbox Series X has been available since November 10 (our full test is available at this address), while the PS5 has been available since November 19, with a test to read here.