Will the HomePod mini be the high-tech hit of this Christmas 2020? It could well be. While the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series S and Series X video game consoles monopolize the attention of gamers and the new iPhone 12 intends to position themselves well under the trees, the new connected speaker from Apple could do a pretty cardboard box. For two reasons. The first is, let’s not be afraid to say it, the price. Yes, an Apple product for less than 100 euros which is not a simple accessory, it is an event. We are a long way from the 809, 1159 or 1259 euros for the various iPhone 12s and even the 669 euros for the superb iPad Air. There, Apple sets the bar at 99 euros for its HomePod mini, so it deserves our full attention. Especially since we remember that when the first connected speaker from the Cupertino company, the HomePod, was released in 2017, many, including GQ, had praised the sound qualities of the object while pointing the finger at a high price (329 euros). Here we are at the second reason for the perhaps future box: sound.

The HomePod mini is available in white and space gray.

© Apple

This HomePod mini measures only 8.43 cm high and 9.79 cm wide but it is able to balance a pretty bluffing quality of sound. Nothing of course comparable with speakers from Focal, Klipsch, or other Cabasse, but this small connected speaker does the job very well. Apple says its HomePod mini “incorporates an S5 chip, and advanced software that enables computer audio processing of sounds for exceptional sound quality.” And adds that “the wideband driver designed by Apple, whose operation is based on a neodymium magnet and the combination of two passive force-canceling radiators, offers deep bass and high frequencies with exceptional clarity.” On the diagram below, we see how the assembly can work. It is very effective.

The interior of the HomePod mini, that’s it.

© Apple

Obviously, as the speaker is connected, you can call on Siri to control it. And the Home App allows you to manage multiple HomePod mini and put music in the desired room or play the same music in all rooms. The system responds quite well. Just like the clever thing called “Interphone”. It offers the possibility of communicating with one another via HomePod mini and even sending messages to listen or read on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Convenient.

Available in white and space gray, the HomePod mini has just one flaw: it’s wired. While the majority of speakers this size and weight (345 grams) can go anywhere, Apple’s will need to stay at home. Pity. But, once again, for 99 euros, the case is heard.

The “Intercom” function allows you to communicate between different Apple products.

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