This is undoubtedly the big announcement of the evening. Atari has just formalized the great return of the legendary Pong, in a 2021 version called “Atari Mini Pong Jr.”. In partnership with Unis, the product seems to be already available from Arcade1up. Unfortunately, the price is far from “mini”.

Atari Mini Pong Jr. – Maxi price

It is through a simple tweet, a video and a few images that Pong is reborn before our amazed eyes. The game considered by many to be the precursor of gaming returns in a “next-gen” version 49 years after its release. Because yes, Pong will celebrate its 50th anniversary on November 29, 2022.

Atari, in collaboration with UNIS Technology, Ltd therefore offer this new version of Pong in a portable console equipped with a 7.9-inch (approx. 20 cm) LCD screen and offer both the classic 2-player mode and the 1 player against the AI.

The Atari Mini Pong Jr. is offered for sale only in the United States and Canada. It is not known if a global launch is expected in the coming months. His price ? No less than $ 149! Or around € 123. This is an exorbitant price for a retro console simply brought up to date. In addition, the latter only offers one game, with one game mode. For only $ 50 dollars, American players can opt for a Nintendo Switch Lite.

The portable console does not have a touch screen, you will have to play the old-fashioned way (so as not to lose interest). The machine does not offer any revolutionary technology that can justify such a price. Obviously, Atari does not justify it either since on the purchase sheet of the Atari Mini Pong Jr., players are simply entitled to the weight and size of the machine in the characteristics. The batteries are not even included.

Suffice to say that there are serious doubts about the success of this product at such a high price. In 2017, Atari announced the return of the VCS, its famous console which has been available since December 2020. Again, the console was offered at a relatively high price for retro and according to the first feedback, sales are not sky-high.