Audi A8

After talking about the idea of ​​developing a fully electric A8, the German manufacturer Audi has apparently turned back to better focus on a plug-in hybrid version.

That the manufacturer Audi wants to multiply hybrid models within its range, it is no longer a secret. A little over a year ago, the Volkswagen subsidiary already presented its ambitions in this area by confirming the hybridization of its models Q5, A6, A7 and A8, the recently named model being part of the cream of the crop .

47 km of range for the rechargeable hybrid

A few months later, the former interim CEO of the group, in the person of Bram Schot, raised the idea that the premium A8 sedan could marry a 100% electric engine. But this initially serious project was finally put aside by the current teams, as we learn from Automotive News.

Audi A8

Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler, in charge of development, has indeed refuted this previously plausible hypothesis, while indicating that he wanted to focus more on a plug-in hybrid version with a range of 47 kilometers. Audi actually prefers to focus on the electric SUV segment, judged to be more buoyant than that of sedans given the sales figures of the moment.

Colossal investments

The next generation of A8s is certainly not expected for several years. The fact is that we could have expected a totally electrified iteration after the behemoth investment made in this sector of the future: 12 billion euros, which will make it possible to develop up to thirty new vehicles by 2025.

Source: Electrek