In 2016, during the official presentation of the Model 3, Elon Musk caught the attention of the community by unveiling the wheels "Wind Turbine", with their gray / bronze color and unusual design, it must be said that these wheels 13 inches were just beautiful.

Unfortunately, since that date, these famous wheels have never been proposed by Tesla. It seems, however, that there is something new. A prototype of a Tesla Model Y was sighted and ignited fans of the brand. Indeed, in this photo taken by Trevor Page of Tesla Owners Online, then posted on Twitter, it is clear that this Model Y sports the Wild Turbine.

The Wild Turbine Tesla soon out?

On Twitter, many users who call Elon Musk to try to learn more about these wheels. The CEO of Tesla briefly responded to one of them saying that the wheels will be available as a service upgrade. So far, the US manufacturer has not proposed such an improvement, while the company has just launched new wheels for Model 3 Performance in China: Aero "Power Sports".

Looking back at these long-awaited wheels gives hope to fans who have been waiting three years to equip their vehicles with them. It seems that it is only a matter of time to finally see these beautiful wheels land.

Tesla says the production of the Model Y will require much less money than previous vehicles, because of its improved efficiency and the fact that this new SUV shares 70% of its parts with the Model 3.

In recent weeks, Model Y's observations across the United States, from California to Michigan, have multiplied. This means that Tesla is working hard to bring the electric SUV to market as soon as possible. For the moment, the car manufacturer has not yet confirmed the start of production.