Ford and Google are proud to announce a brand new strategic partnership today. The aim is to accelerate Ford’s transformation, but also to reinvent the very experience of the connected vehicle. As part of this new partnership, established for six years and which will begin in 2023, millions of future Ford and Lincoln vehicles, all models combined, will be equipped with Android, with integrated Google applications and services.

Ford feat. Google

Ford and Google are establishing a new collaborative group, Team Upshift. According to the American manufacturer: “Leveraging the talent and strengths of both companies, Team Upshift will push the boundaries of Ford’s transformation, empower users to have personalized experiences and unlock new insights driven by data.

New Ford F150

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As the official cloud provider, and starting this year, Google will help Ford take advantage of its AI, machine learning and data analytics technologies. The goal: to modernize Ford’s operations and fuel connected automotive technologies. These include a new customer experience, personalized services, modernization of tool development, the use of AI for employee training, etc.

Obviously, as part of this same partnership, from 2023, owners of a new Ford vehicle will be able to take full advantage of Android Auto, and various integrated applications. It includes Google Assistant, but also the essential Google Maps, as well as Google Play. Applications developed by Google and Ford, as well as third-party developers, will also be on hand, to optimize driving and the general on-board experience.

As Ford pursues the deepest transformation in its history with electrification, connectivity and autonomous driving, the merger of Google and Ford allows the establishment of a true center of innovation capable of delivering an experience. personalized to our users and modernize our business”Explains Jim Farley, president of Ford.