You certainly have not missed it. The presentation of Tesla's new electric pickup was followed by hundreds of thousands of live individuals, Friday morning at 5 am (French time), live from Los Angeles. The craze and surprise for the style of the new Cybertruck has created previous media coverage meaning, and the news has certainly exceeded expectations, mixing surprise, dismay, and imagination of an audience more or less interested in the automobile.

One thing is certain, Tesla had to hit hard, as it is in the process of tackling a market that is both highly competitive and at the same time strongly dominated by Ford and its F150 family. To demonstrate his capabilities, Elon Musk has unveiled a video putting face to face (or rather back to back) the new model of Tesla, facing the benchmark of the American pickup market. Since then, the video has been shared again on Twitter, and photos also allow us to compare the different sizes of the two vehicles.

In video, the Tesla Cybertruck towing a Ford F-150

Three days after the conference, Elon Musk shared the video of the duel on his Twitter account, which allows us today to also follow the evolution of the number of pre-orders of the new Cybertruck.

According to the CEO of Tesla, the Cybertruck beat the F-150 flat, while the Tesla model went in the direction of the climb on the section of asphalt chosen for the occasion.

Note however that the performance of the Cybertruck is not surprising, and not very significant: electric motors are better able to pull weight, and it will actually wait for Ford to launch its new electric F-150 for establish a true comparison. Moreover, Ford is not lagging behind on the subject, the firm had already released a video showing the astronomical capabilities of his next vehicle.

A comparison of styles and templates, in photo

On our side, the duel set up by Tesla still gave us the opportunity to discover the difference in size between the two pickups. Finally, this one is not so important, but the massive style of the new Cybertruck is in real shift with the traditional design of the F-150.

F150 vs tesla cybertruck

© Tesla

Cybertruck vs F150

© Tesla

Following this comparison in photo, we wait to know your opinion on the new Cybertruck, which attracts many critics and declarations of love.