It has been a long time since Elon Musk teased his electric pickup model. The presentation was scheduled for this summer before being postponed to the fourth quarter. The contractor has just announced that the vehicle, which now has the name "Cybertruck", will be unveiled on November 21 in Los Angeles. In the past the creator of Tesla had already expressed himself on this project which he described as super futuristic, straight out of Blade Runner.

Moviegoers will have noticed that the film's events are happening in Los Angeles in November 2019. The wink to Ridley Scott's feature film seems obvious and probably does not come at random. The date also coincides with the beginning of the Auto Show, which seems quite logical since many journalists and experts will already be on site. However, Tesla will not be present at the actual event but in a place close to the factory that makes SpaceX rockets.

Ford could hold high on Tesla

Few elements have filtered through this new pickup but Elon Musk has distilled some bits of information about it in the past. It is known that it could have a range of 650 to 800 kilometers and that it would have four-wheel drive and six seats. Its price should be below 50,000 dollars.

For Tesla, it is also the arrival on a new market after its Model 3, S, X and Y or its heavyweight. The Cybertruck also represents an electric alternative to pickups with thermal engines that are considered very polluting. Elon Musk has already tried to seduce the US military with this new vehicle "which looks like an armored personnel carrier ".

The company will face the models of Rivian, General Motors and Chevrolet that will launch soon on the market. The firm could find another rival to its height in terms of marketing. Last July, Ford teased its future F-150 by towing 42 copies of its thermal version. A sense of spectacle and symbol that would not displease Elon Musk.