The car market, like the economy in general, is not looking good at the moment. The main cause is obviously the COVID-19 pandemic and the various measures that it has entailed. However, an irreducible manufacturer resisted this period and even posted a 26% increase in sales.

This is, you guessed it, Tesla. Indeed, the American automaker is doing rather well despite the confinement, so that 1,580 Tesla vehicles were delivered in March in France. During the last quarter of 2019, Tesla broke its record by making 112,000 deliveries. This year, this record will not be equaled or exceeded, however Tesla still manages to reach 88,400 deliveries despite this particular situation.

How did Tesla achieve these results?

This success can be explained in different ways, to start with Elon Musk, unlike most of his competitors, did not stop deliveries. Obviously, there are delays, but customers can continue to receive their vehicles as if nothing had happened. Finally almost, to maintain deliveries, Tesla has implemented ultra-strict measures.

We find in particular a particular concept called contactless delivery. However, in France it is obliged to sign a physical document for this type of delivery, which makes compliance with these measures complicated. Regarding the keys, new Tesla customers simply need to download the app to start their car.