Purists caution, this article could put you in PLS.

The SEMA Show – this great raid on car personalization – is currently taking place in Las Vegas. For the occasion Ford presented a prototype of electric Mustang overpowering. And the least we can say is that the public has been conquered! This presentation comes before that of the 100% electric SUV that will be unveiled simultaneously in Los Angeles and Oslo on November 18 (we will be there).

With this Mustang Lithium, Ford promises to provide incredible performance. Indeed, this wonder (besides being beautiful) develops a power equivalent to 900 horses. This Ford Mustang should arrive as a competitor of size against the Porsche Taycan and the Tesla Model S. Besides, it embarks as the Taycan battery 800 volts.

Let's go back a few years. April 17, 1964 marks a major turning point in the history of the automotive industry. At the time, Ford was the world's second largest manufacturer, presenting the first Mustang at the New York World Fair. A car that breaks codes with its own logo. Quickly, it becomes a staple of the automobile and despite this transition to the electric Ford reassures followers retaining the authentic sensations including a six-speed manual transmission. This vehicle provides access to 4 driving modes: Valet, Sport, Track and Beast.

Ford Mustang

© Ford

Normally, an electric vehicle does not need a manual gearbox, however the historic manufacturer justifies his choice by explaining that the gearbox can restore some power on high speeds. Obviously, it also allows to find the pleasure of passing the reports manually. If the Tesla and the rest of the electric production are not equipped with a gearbox but a simple torque variation device, Porsche has chosen to install a two-speed gearbox on its Taycan.

For the moment, the Lithium Mustang is only a prototype made to test several technologies, but especially to prove to the "petrolheads" who swear by the thermal that the electric can also bring beautiful sensations on the road. To date, no precise figure is communicated on the performance of this nugget, including performance on the very observed acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h.