Economic activity is gradually resuming in China following the long period of confinement. Wuhan’s Hermès boutique yesterday achieved record sales of $ 2.7 million for its reopening. For the American manufacturer Tesla, sales started again in March after a complicated month of February. As of the recovery, sales of Model 3 increased by 450%, this is in any case what reveals the report of the company LMC Automotive.

The report clearly shows that the number of registrations increased from 2,314 in February to 12,709 in March. This sharp increase is mainly due to the lifting of quarantine measures introduced by the Chinese government. Wuhan, the Chinese city considered to be the cradle of this disease, reopened the doors of its Tesla store on March 30, after more than 2 months of closure.

Even if the entire Tesla infrastructure in China was closed for many weeks, the American manufacturer still made himself available and attentive to those who already owned a brand vehicle, we still for individuals who wanted to buy one.

Tesla has developed an ultra-efficient system that has proven itself even in this period of health crisis. This includes contactless home delivery, but also other measures such as customer service that can be reached via webcam. All of these devices helped Tesla rebound in activity after a complicated start to the year, while the automotive industry market sank 43.4%.

If China is struggling to get its head out of the water, it is still far from being the case for the rest of the world. The auto industry is expected to continue to collapse, but with the same measures used for China, Tesla may continue to experience higher sales.