That's it, deliveries of the Model Y have just started. One year after the presentation of this 7-seater SUV variant of the Model 3, Tesla has just validated the first delivery of a copy, in Utah, in the United States. Our colleaguesElectrek have been kept informed of this information, and the media expects to make further deliveries in the coming hours.

Official: Model Y has started deliveries

The launch of the Model Y is poles apart from that of the Model 3. The first deliveries of the compact electric sedan were delayed and difficult before reaching full production speed, which is absolutely not the case on the Model Y, which even arrives several months ahead of the initial schedule.

The first copies of the Model Y should have arrived at their owners in the fall of 2020, but Tesla's situation allowed the vehicle to have its first copy shipped this Friday, March 13. It must be said that the vehicle has the same chassis as that of the Model 3, and that Tesla now has the adequate infrastructure to support its level of production.

Tesla Unveils Tesla Model Y, Its Compact 7-Seater Electric SUV

Tesla confirmed to first customers last month that their vehicles will be delivered between March 15 and March 30. Over the next few hours, and throughout the weekend, other owners will receive their keys. The stock of copies in the car parks of the brand's factories is a witness that the Californian firm is able to plan numerous deliveries, while production of the Model Y had started in January.