Production of Tesla's autonomous cars could resume next Monday. After several episodes of an arm wrestling that lasted for several days between Elon Musk and the American justice, an agreement seems finally to have been reached to reopen the car manufacturing plant.

The health crisis has resulted in the closure of many production plants around the world, and automaker Tesla has been no exception. Like all economic players, it has been subject to these restrictions.

But this confinement was not to the taste of Elon Musk. After making controversial comments on Twitter that looked like a slippage – he compared confinement to "a fascist measure" – he chose to confront the US authorities and defy the ban.

He first forced his own employees to return to work, on pain of being deprived of his unemployment benefits. He also indicated that in this context, he planned to leave California and move his factory to Texas or Nevada. The automaker is the largest manufacturing employer in California, with 10,000 employees at the Fremont site and 20,000 statewide.

Then he threatened to reopen his factories by defying the confinement and thus challenging the American authorities to come and arrest him, declaring himself solely responsible for the situation. In this case, he even got the support of Donald Trump.

Her son, whose first name was inspired by a stealth plane, does not seem to have softened the billionaire in the business world, who was not really determined to comply with the restrictive rules linked to the Covid-19.

An agreement subject to conditions

It was ultimately after all these stormy episodes that an agreement finally seemed to have been reached with the American authorities. Tesla has indeed proposed a plan to secure employees.

"We have reviewed the plan and held fruitful discussions with Tesla representatives on their safety and prevention plans, including some additional safety recommendations. If Tesla's prevention and control plan includes these updates and the public health indicators remain stable or improve, we have agreed that Tesla can start increasing its minimum activities for possible reopening as soon as possible. next week. We will work with Fremont police to verify that Tesla is within physical distance and that the agreed health and safety measures are in place for the safety of their workers as they prepare to resume full production. "Said the Alameda County public health department.

After learning of Tesla's proposed measures, Alameda County has authorized the Fremont plant to reopen for next Monday. This reopening will be conditional on compliance with sanitary rules in order to ensure the protection of employees.

The measures to be followed include temperature tests, the installation of barriers to separate work areas and safety equipment for employees.